Charging Pile Module Power Connector


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充电桩模块电源连接器 Charging Pile Module Power Connector TXGA推出的充电桩模块电源连接器,支持75安工作电流,1000伏工作电压。接触电阻小于1毫欧,绝缘电阻大于3000兆欧,机械寿命达500次。 The power connector of the charging pile module launched by TXGA supports 75A working current and 1000V working voltage. The contact resistance is less than 1 milliohm, the insulation resistance is greater than 3000 megaohms, and the mechanical life is up to 500 times. MePow20 模块电源连接器,20KW MePow20 Module power connector, 20KW Socket Plug Accessories MePow30 模块电源连接器,30KW MePow30 Module power connector, 30KW Socket Plug Accessories