FPC/FFC Connectors


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FPC/FFC连接器 FPC/FFC Connector FPC连接器具有尺寸较小和具有灵活性等特点,追求在狭小空间中良好的操作性及安装封装。特思嘉设计的FPC,更好的解决了FPC安装问题,使操作性和可靠性得到了大幅的提高。 TXGA can provide high accurate and sufficient reliability FPC connector which possess a characteristic of small size and more flexible and also can be installed and operated in a narrow space. FPC’s application has expand to industrial field, such as instrument, automotive electronics, medical facility and equipment equipment. Rop FPC/FFC连接器, 前掀锁 Rop FPC/FFC Connectors, Front flip Bap FPC/FFC连接器, 后掀锁 Bap FPC/FFC Connectors, Back flip Puk FPC/FFC连接器, 抽锁 Puk FPC/FFC Connectors, Slider Ner FPC/FFC连接器, 无锁 Ner FPC/FFC Connectors, Non-ZIF FFC 柔性扁平电缆 FFC Flexible flat cable