HDMI Connectors


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HDMI连接器 HDMI Connector 高清晰度多媒体HDMI 连接器接口是将视频和音频组合到单一数字接口,特思嘉提供具有安全的电气接触稳定性及高画质高清内容输出信号 ,适用于 DVD 播放器、数字电视 (DVI) 播放器、机顶盒和其他视听设备。 HDMI connector is a digital interface which combined the video and audio together. TXGA providing this type connectors which possess safe & stable electrical contact property and high-definition image quality output signal, it is widely used to DVD player, digital TV, STB and other audio-visual equipment. MulA HDMI连接器 MulA HDMI connector MulC Mini HDMI连接器 MulC Mini HDMI connector MulD Micro HDMI连接器 MulD Micro HDMI connector