Microwave Connectors(RF、BNC、SMA、SMB、MCX)


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射频连接器 RF Connector 特思嘉提供完整的射频解决方案,实现高频性能,即使在最恶劣的环境中也能提供高质量的信号传输。 TXGA can provide an integrated RF solution, reach the high frequency performance, and satisfy a high quality signal transmission even in a hostile environment. SMA 射频连接器 SMA RF connector Socket Plug SMB 射频连接器 SMB RF connector Socket Plug MCRF 射频连接器 MCRF RF connector Socket MCX 射频连接器 MCX RF connector Socket TNC 射频连接器 TNC RF connector Plug N 射频连接器 N RF connector Socket RCAB 射频线束 RCAB RF Cable assemblies